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With nearly 20 years of experience in digital media and digital media strategy, Brad Parscale has helped hundreds of organizations throughout the United States, ranging from small business to multi-million dollar companies. As 2016 Digital Director and 2020 Campaign Manager, Parscale helped build the most sophisticated marketing operation that politics has ever seen.

Parscale and his team have overseen more than 2 billion dollars in media and marketing budgets across both digital and traditional platforms. Utilizing this experience, the Parscale team works with organizations across all industries to create and implement innovative solutions to win campaigns, grow revenue and help businesses succeed.







Parscale Media is founded in San Antonio, Texas


Parscale receives email asking to bid on contract for Trump International Realty website and wins the business.  This begins the relationship with the Trump Organization and family; leading to digital projects for many of their entities and eventually the Trump Campaign.

Feb '15

After receiving a call asking if he could build a landing page for exploratory committee for Donald J. Trump, Parscale creates the website that will launch the 2016 campaign. 

June '16

Parscale was named Digital Director for Donald Trump's Presidential Campaign.

Under his direction the Trump Campaign deployed one of the most sophisticated digital strategies in political history.  

Feb '18

Parscale named Campaign Manager for Donald Trump's Re-Election Campaign. 

During his time in this role Parscale built an unprecendeted political operation and data driven ecosystem.  This lead to ground-breaking support for coalitions, record voter engagement and turnout.

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