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Responsive Web Design: Why You Shouldn’t Live Without It

July 01, 2014

Implementing a responsive website means the website responds to the user’s device. Your website will change slightly when viewed on a smartphone, tablet, and desktop. Those changes make the website easier to use on those smaller screens, meaning less pinching and zooming and more scrolling. Responsive design translates to less work for your customers.

4 Ways Pinterest Can Enhance Your San Antonio Web Marketing Campaign

June 23, 2014

​A new wave of social media is emerging, with Pinterest, Instagram, and Snapchat moving to the forefront due to their visually-based prowess. These platforms resonate with consumers in ways that their big brothers, Facebook and Twitter cannot.

3 Reasons to Add Instagram to Your San Antonio Web Marketing Campaign

June 09, 2014

Instagram allows businesses the unique opportunity to generate two-way communication between brands and customers, freely advertising under the guise of interesting, share-worthy content. As Instagram and all other social media platforms continue to expand in popularity, brands that are able to harness the power of visual content to drive engagement will reap the rewards of increased profits.

5 Reasons to Put Landing Pages to Work on Your Website

June 05, 2014

Adding Landing Pages to your San Antonio web marketing campaign help to analyze, attract and convert traffic into dollars.

One SEO Detail Too Many San Antonio Web Marketers Are Missing

May 14, 2014

When it comes to search engine optimization, there are a lot of San Antonio web marketers paying attention to a lot of algorithms and details. So, how is it that so many could be missing a crucial detail?

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