Holistic branding for Hotel Emma’s in-house grocery/deli, from naming to interior design to signage. We created a vintage European market aesthetic that is a little rough around the edges, in keeping with Hotel Emma’s elegant/industrial temperament.


This friendly, responsive, compact site is driven by the sumptuous food photography, which we art-directed.


We are still infatuated with our exterior sign design… note the perfect embossing, the shining enamel, the impressive 20-foot expanse. Also very fond of the black-painted brick, vintage gaslights, and industrial gooseneck lighting.


Floor-to-ceiling interior design included sourcing and acquiring vintage furniture and fixtures, custom design of display/storage and light fixtures, and repurposing brewery artifacts as architectural enhancements and details.

"Like everything else in the hotel, this grab-and-go market has its own sense of high-low style." 

— San Antonio-Express News